Description of the company

Description of the company

About EnergiVision

Energivision is an consultant- and development company in the fields of:

  • Analysis of energy use
  • Energy advice
  • Energy-economy
  • Development of computer programs
  • Internet applications
  • Education in the field of energy

Energivision develops computer programs in the field of energy analysis and energy advice for different kind of buildings, single family houses, multi-family houses, commercial buildings and industries. Calculations of costs for alternatives of heating system in the buildings are made. Economic calculations are also made of different energy efficient measures to be made in the buildings and the industries.

Energivision also develops energy analysis applications for the Internet. These programs are made for different kinds of consumer groups, households, commericial buildings and industries.

Energivision offers courses and education activities in order to increase the knowledge of the different computer programs.
Exemple of costumers:

  • Communities
  • Energy utilities
  • National agencies
  • Associations of energy firms